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Thermowell installation

Installing a thermomwell.

PROTECT YOUR Valves, bulkheads, tubing and sight gauge from direct flame exhaust.  Sight gauge tubing will soften / melt if flame wash heats it past 250 F. Silicone o-rings and (PTFE) teflon valve seals will melt if you dry fire your keg or kettle.   Silicone tubing will melt if it touches hot parts.  Thermometers have glass faces but the plastic seal on the face will melt if you allow it be in the flame exhaust.

A HEAT SHIELD (a piece of flat metal under the edge of your kettle) should be used to keep the flames off the sight gauge, valves and thermometers.


Make a mark where you want to install your thermowell







Install the fitting through the hole.   Picture below shows the keg wall in relation to the stainless washer and the o-ring and locknut.


Use white or yellow teflon tape on the male thread before installing the locknut and tightening it down.